#happylife: Prep your home to be festive and fire safe this holiday season

Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away! The clock is ticking to get your home holiday ready before the guests arrive. While you turn your house into a festive wonderland, you have to get it fire safe, first.

For example, cooking that delicious dinner for your loved ones. Are your prepared to keep your eyes on the stove all day?

Spokane Fire Department said you should never leave your cooking project unattended.

Just last month, this situation happened to someone in Spokane.

“It was a person that was warming up some French fries in their home in the afternoon. They put them on, then they got distracted and forgot about it,” said Jamie McIntyre, Spokane Fire Department.

That person also didn’t know how to put out a grease fire.

“He put water on it, the flames got bigger, he got out of the residence, and he called the fire department,” McIntyre said.

Rule number one is to never use water on a grease fire.

According to Spokane Fire, if you have a grease stovetop fire, the safest way to put it out is to throw on an oven mitt, then slowly slide the lid over the flames. This will cut out the oxygen and put it out.

Don’t forget, you also want to turn off the stove.

With the holiday season, comes holiday decor​​​​​ and where you place them is crucial. If you put it too close to a heat source, you’re in trouble.

Example, candles. This was the cause of a Spokane bedroom setting fire weeks ago.

“There was a candle that they had in their bedroom in the basement. They forgot about it, they lit it. They went upstairs. Then the two people that were in the home saw smoke,” McIntyre said.

Those two people were safe.

You’ll notice a trend with these safety tips, firefighters want you to keep a defensible space around them at all times.

That includes space heaters.

“You want to put a three-foot parameter around your space heater,” McIntyre said.

Most importantly, make sure all your heat sources are well-maintained.

Heaters shouldn’t have any frayed wires.

Even your fireplace should be serviced annually.

“We get buildup inside of the fireplace, we want to make sure that’s cleaned off, so we don’t have a fire that starts in the chimney,” McIntyre said.

Thanksgiving is the leading holiday for home fires, but if you follow these rules before roasting, you’ll be just fine.