#happylife: Outdoor Spring clean-up tips

#happylife: Outdoor Spring clean-up tips

You might have gotten a head start on your spring cleaning this year, thanks to the popularity of Marie Kondo’s “Tidying Up” series, but what about outside?

This morning on Good Morning Northwest, Simply Green Landscape Maintenance shared tips to get our yards ready for all the outdoor fun to come.

If you were thinking about skipping cleaning up your outdoor space altogether this season, all of the soggy leaves and twigs… you may want to think again. Simply Green Landscape Maintenance owner Daniel Green said leaving them can actually do more harm than good, causing brown spots and an abundance of weeds.

If it is the time that has you feeling overwhelmed,Green recommended you divide your work section by section, tackling one small area at a time. Just make sure you wait until all of the frost is off the ground, usually by mid-day. The same goes for pruning your shrubs.

“Just wait till the frost is off them. It will kill the tip of your shrubs, you won’t have good growth that year, they might brown up. You just don’t want that. It’s unsightly. It won’t kill them but it’s not good for them,” said Green.

After all the debris is cleaned up and it is time to mow your lawn, do so in a clockwise manner. Mowing the lawn clockwise prevents grass clippings from covering your lawn. Also, do not let the lawn mower tires touch the concrete. Avoiding the concrete will prevent your from tracking mud and any green grass stains.

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