#happylife: Know the warning signs of a heart attack, no matter your age

#happylife: Know the warning signs of a heart attack, no matter your age

Spokane mom Casey Bantz said it was a typical morning until it wasn’t. She was getting ready for work as her 5-year old sat in the adjacent room watching cartoons, when she started to feel funny.

“I started having the worst heartburn that I could have ever imagined you could have,” she explained.

She found herself feeling overheated, profusely sweating and then her arm went numb.

Casey added, “it felt like somebody was sitting on my chest.”

Feeling unable to drive herself to the hospital, she made the quick decision to call 911.

“Once they showed up, they did an EKG and determined I was having a heart attack.”

Two years later, doctors are still not sure what caused the heart attack. She had no plaque build up or blockages upon further examination.

“It’s actually kind of scary because you don’t know what to do to prevent it here on out,” she shared.

Since her heart attack, Casey learned she has a family history of heart disease.

“It was not something that was ever brought to my attention. It was not something I was concerned about, definitely not at 35.”

Now, she is taking steps to lead a more heart-healthy lifestyle, including stressing less and working out more.

“I am also super hyper aware of everything going on with my body,” adding that she has since cut out sodium and caffeine from her diet.

All while continuing to share her story, urging people to know the warning signs and their family history before it is too late.

“I was really lucky that I was able to come out of it.”

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