#happylife: How to prepare your vegetable garden for the first frost

Not to sound dramatic… but the first freeze is coming!

Temperatures are expected to take a big dip over the next week, with freeze, frost and even snow expected in some areas.

Some warmer weather is expected in the coming weeks, so do not give up on your vegetable garden just yet. But, it is important to prep those veggies before the freeze moves in.

Keep your plants warm – Drape sheets, drop clothes or frost blankets over your plants and stakes. Make sure the covering goes all the way to the ground. Make sure to remove the coverings when the frost lifts.

Add an extra layer of mulch — A little extra protection never hurts.

Water — Frost will make your plants stressed, make sure they have plenty of water beforehand so they are not more stressed than they need to be.

Add light – Do you have some extra Christmas or string lights laying around? They give off a little heat that will help your plants stay a bit warmer.

For more information on keeping your plants safe, click here.

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