#happylife: How to get your property ready for the cold

The cold weather and snow came much quicker than anticipated this year. Now is the time to get your lawn and lawn care tools winterized.

The experts at Simply Green Landscape Maintenance said that, given the unexpected early snowfall, it is time to get the sprinkler system ready for its winter break.

Typically, it is recommended to keep your sprinklers on through late October to keep grass roots healthy. Early freezing temperatures could cause sprinkler pipes to freeze, resulting in the need to completely replace the system come spring. It is best to flush the system now to avoid frozen pipes. Disconnect and drain hoses, too, as they can freeze up and split.

In the next two to three weeks, mow your lawn one last time. Going into winter, you will want short grass. After that, make sure you fog the engine by spraying oil into each cylinder. This will prevent moisture building up inside. Add fuel stabilizer, as stored gas clogs up the fuel system slowly. Never put away your lawn mower with a battery that isn’t fully charged either.

Taking just a few minutes to winterize your lawn mower and sprinkler system can save you time and money come spring.

Is it ever too early to think about warm weather again? If you want to make sure you can enjoy your outdoor space as soon as possible, clean up leaves! This can prevent moss and mold. Sadly, there is no shortcut other than doing so weekly, so you are not stuck with huge piles come November.