#happylife: Clean your closet with three boxes

#happylife: Clean your closet with three boxes

We know taking on spring cleaning in your closet can seem daunting. If you’re dreading it, you may want to take the three box approach to make it more manageable.

First, grab three boxes, bins, containers, etc. Label them ‘sell,’ ‘donate,’ and ‘toss.’

If things in your closed are ripped, stained, or just no longer wearable, put them in the toss bin.

If they’re still in good shape but either they don’t fit or you don’t like them anymore, put them in the donate or sell bin. That way, you can potentially get some money back, or help others in need.

Once you’re ready to begin, it really is important to just go for it! Take everything out of your closet and dump it on your bed or floor. That way, you’ll be forced to see how many things you own, how infrequently you wear some of it, and how many duplicates of the same item you may have.

This will help you decide what you can get rid of, and what’s actually worth hanging on to.

Lastly, while going through each item, use the One Year Rule (or maybe the Two Year Rule). Either way, if you’ve gone all four seasons without wearing something, it’s probably safe to let it go!

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