#happylife: Camp Gizmo shows teens how to turn passions into careers

The folks over at Camp Gizmo are all about showing teens ways that they can take their hobbies and passions and turn them in to future careers.

For the first time this summer, they’re introducing their Pathway Camps for kids 13 and up. The week-long camps cost $20 and focus interests in teens like building, sports, gaming and outdoor recreation.

What instructors do is teach teens how having fun with tools or spending time on the lake can one day become real world jobs. For instance, Trades Pathway camp gets kids in the Gizmo shop, welding, machining and woodworking. The goal is to build skills and learn about different ways the skills could be applied in the workforce.

The folks behind Gizmo Camps know that while plenty of teens compete in sports, very few will make it in to the professional world of things like basketball, football and soccer. They take that passion and say, why not help others find joy in physical activity? This camp involves field trips to visit professionals helping with sports-related injuries and those helping the disabled find joy in being active.

In addition to the Pathway Camps, they’ve got week-long summer camp options that accommodate more ages. Week-long summer camps run $180 and the topics are more defined, like working with mosaics, building an electric guitar, rocketry and cardboard boats.

You can find out about all of the Pathway Camps and summer camp options -and register! – here.

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