Habitat for Humanity makes one woman’s dream of home ownership a reality

Habitat for Humanity makes one woman’s dream of home ownership a reality

With Spokane’s one percent vacancy rate in affordable housing, it’s a challenge for low income families to rent. let alone buy, a home. Habitat for Humanity, though, has made it possible for 46 families to do just that in Deer Park. Next month, 6 more families will move in to the Hope Meadows community.

It’s all thanks to help from Habitat for Humanity volunteers. This week. there are a few more female volunteers than usual, as they kick off their 11th annual Women Build Week. Close to 200 women from our community, donating their time and energy to help construct two new homes.

In the group. there’s one familiar face. The always smiling Kat Ford. We met her at last year’s event when volunteers were building her house.

“It didn’t really hit home until I saw the counters going in,” said Ford. “I sat there and watched everything happen! I hammered a nail in to the first wall that went up.”

Now, Kat is working on her future neighbor’s home to finish up earning sweat equity for a down payment on her own. The move in date is set for next month.

“I’m so excited sometimes I can’t stand still!” Kat said.

It was obvious as she walked through her soon-to-be home.

“It’s a home built with love,” Kat added.

She took a few extra moments in her favorite spot, the garage. She is planning on transferring it in to an art studio.

“I paint flower pots and everything,” said Kat. “I’ll have shelves and stuff on the walls.”

The road to home has not been easy for Kat. She’s still a little nervous about holding her house keys until all the paperwork is signed.

“I haven’t had my dedication ceremony yet,” she said.

But Habitat for Humanity never gave up on her. For that, she will continue to help them long after she finally gets to settle in.

“Habitat has worked with me, they’ve treated me with the utmost respect, whenever I worked at the store or put in my hours,” Kat said. “They just, they make you feel good about what you do.”