Growing homeless camp causing neighbors to feel unsafe

Imagine trying to live your everyday life with people doing drugs, being violent, or having sex just feet from your home. That’s what several people in one neighborhood near Felts Field said they’re dealing with.

“They are doing drugs on the corner. Exchanging drugs, doing drugs together. It’s just not safe to go down there anymore,” said Barbara Kayser, resident. She said this has been a problem for months.

Kayser told 4 News Now that she and her neighbors keep making phone calls to code enforcement, but nothing has been done about it. Now, that camp is growing and continuing to make it difficult for people living in that area.

She said it’s been months of frustration. Now, she and her neighbors don’t feel safe anymore. Kayser has even put a security system in her home because of it.

“I walk my dogs every day, I’ve had two people stop me to say – hey, I just bought a home in the neighborhood, did I make a mistake,” Kayser said.

Kayser has lived near Felts Field for more than a decade. She said she’s always felt it was a safe and friendly neighborhood until now.

“Fifth wheels, motor homes, bus, van – that congregate across the street,” Kayser said.

This homeless camp has been growing just down the road

“People come and visit them. We have homeless people walking through here. They seem to know this corner is where you buy and exchange drugs,” Kayser said.

Drugs, fighting on the street, and sex, she said all happening next to the place she calls home.

“I come home at night and they’re just sitting in their cars. I feel observed and watched, and not safe,” Kayser said.

Kayser and her neighbors have been searching for help – but they said, so far nothing.

“Calling Crime Check, they tell us to call Spokane city. Spokane city says they can’t do anything about it. They kind of just send us off somewhere else,” Kayser said.

Here’s the dilemma Kayser and her neighbors have. It’s all about location. Her stretch of road on East Union Avenue and Fancher is part of Spokane. The area north of the railroad track belongs to Felts Field. Then everything east of Fancher is Spokane Valley. There’s where the camp is.

According to the City of Spokane Valley, because they don’t have shelters, they can’t move people on public property because there’s no place for them to go. Now, this neighborhood is left on edge.

“We all see it. We find drugs in the street. We find the needles in the street. There’s a neighbor that has kids down the street that said they don’t want them to play anymore it’s not safe,” Kayser said.

Kayser, along with others, looking for help and answers.

“It just feels like it’s not very safe or fair to us in this neighborhood,” Kayser said.

While the City of Spokane Valley can’t move people on public property – they can, of course, respond to illegal activity. If you notice any drug use or other crimes, they said to call 911.