Growing GU campus helps improve city, school says

Growing GU campus helps improve city, school says

Over the last five years, Gonzaga University’s campus has undergone some major changes, and the school isn’t done growing yet.

Since 2013, GU has added five new buildings, and two more are in the works.

It’s been non-stop construction, and the sounds of machinery can often be heard around campus. But, students say it doesn’t bother them, because they don’t know any different.

“Since day one of being here, I’ve seen construction, ’til my last day there’s still construction being built, so it’s just been four years of constant construction,” said Rafael Castellanos-Welsh, a senior at Gonzaga.

In just the last year, Gonzaga added a new $13 million home for the Jesuits. It houses Jesuits from all over the community. The school also built a $24 million facility for its student-athletes.

The school says these facilities help its students be the best they can be which is a big benefit to Spokane.

“Our facilities on campus create an environment in which our students can really develop their leadership skills,” said John Sklut, the chief of staff to President Thayne McCulloh. “And they, in turn, go out and continue to build up a great city.”

The number one destination for students who get a job after graduation is right here in Spokane. Gonzaga says it has always kept improving our city at the core of its mission.

“It was over 130 years ago that the leaders of, what was then Spokane Falls, invited the Jesuits to come to, in their words, to help build up a great city. That has always been part of our mission,” Sklut said.

Now, on the way is a brand new performing arts center and an integrated science and engineering building.

Even though seniors won’t get to enjoy those facilities, they say they’re just happy to see the changes underway.

“Just seeing it grow alongside the city is just really beautiful,” said Castellanos-Welsh.

Gonzaga says it’s also proud that many of the buildings can be used for events in our community, not just by students.