Groups stand in solidarity with Palestine during protest at Clark Park in Spokane

Palestine Protest May 22
Elenee Dao
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SPOKANE, Wash. — After 11 days of conflict between Israel and Palestine, with over 250 people dead, protests have sparked around the world.

Spokane joined those rallies on Saturday to stand in solidarity with Palestine.

Several organizations representing the Spokane ANSWER Coalition, or ‘Act Now to Stop War and End Racism,’ held a peaceful protest in Clark Park, along Division in north Spokane.

They held signs asking the community to help them in their efforts to support Palestine after Gaza was attacked by Israel earlier this week.

The organizations in attendance were the Veterans for Peace, the Democratic Socialists of America, the Party for Socialism and Liberation and the Dorothy Day Labor Forum.

“We feel like it’s our duty to come here and protest what our government does in this situation, and to stand with ANSWER across the country, and to stand with oppressed people all over the world,” said Rusty Nelson, the founding president of Spokane chapter of Veterans for Peace.

Many people were in attendance, following COVID-19 safety regulations.

“The terrible situation in Gaza has struck us and many of our people, and what’s very distressing is that the United States has been sending weapons to Israel for a long long time, and is to a certain degree responsible for this, so we’re protesting that; our government here,” said Nick Braune, who represented the Dorothy Day Labor Forum.

A cease-fire between Israel and Palestine went into effect Friday