Group protests “Coffee with Cathy” meeting

Group protests “Coffee with Cathy” meeting

Republican Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers was in Spokane Monday, meeting with constituents to discuss their concerns. However, some people were upset that they didn’t get an invite to “Coffee with Cathy.” Some as far as protesting as the event wasn’t a public meeting.

KXLY4 spoke with a group that was outside of McMorris Rodgers’ office Monday holding their own “Coffee without Cathy” in protest. They claimed the congresswoman is not being accessible to her constituents.

The group said in order to attend today’s meeting with McMorris Rodgers, people had to be vetted. The group was also upset that the meeting was not publicized, claiming those that were able to attend only knew about the meeting by word of mouth.

KXLY4 interviewed the congresswoman Monday morning. McMorris Rodgers said she always wants to meet with as many constituents as she can.

“My goal always is to meet with as many people as possible. We get a lot of requests,” said McMorris Rodgers.

“You had to be interviewed and vetted and then they changed the time and the location twice, so we wanted to have a more open version of that to highlight the fact that she is refusing to have any public events during her congressional recess. Which is the expectation of what you do during a recess,” said Coffee without Cathy attendee Jim Dawson.

Although the meeting on Monday morning may have been for a smaller group of people, the congresswoman plans to hold a teleconference townhall meeting at 7 p.m. Monday that is open to the public.