Group gathers in N. Idaho to support trucker convoys

POST FALLS, Idaho – Washington DC is on high alert with a series of trucker convoys heading to the area to protest COVID-19 restrictions. 

One of those convoys was traveling east on I-90 through North Idaho on Wednesday morning. 

A group hung signs and flags on overpasses to show their support. 

“I believe that our freedoms are slowly being taken away and let the government know we kind of disagree,” said Victor Sanchez, a local supporter. 

The first group of truckers arrived in DC from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Thousands more are set to arrive in a couple of days. 

Demonstrators are planning to potentially disrupt traffic. 

In response, 700 National Guard troops could be deployed and DC Police is beefing up patrols. 

The situation in DC comes just days after similar protests in Canada. Border crossings to the US were shut down as truckers blocked crucial trade routes for days. 

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