Grizzly kills more sheep, goat near Naples

NAPLES, Idaho – Idaho Fish and Game staff have confirmed that a grizzly bear has killed two more sheep and a goat on private land near Naples. 

The grizzly killed a llama and sheep earlier this week. 

Officers identified the bear using game cameras, but are unsure if it has been encountered during previous management or research efforts. 

Fish and Game have set traps on the property in case the bear returns once again. If successfully trapped, staff will collect biological data, including DNA, measurements, sex and age. 

If the bear is relocated, a GPS collar will be placed on it for future tracking. 

Bears are waking up from hibernation and are hungry. Although bears come and go as they please, there are simple steps homeowners and landowners can take to make their property less attractive to the animals.

Here are some tips from IDFG:

  • Properly dispose of attractants, including trash, animal carcasses, compost, livestock feed and beehives.
  • Securely store food, garbage and other attractants in a bear-resistant place.
  • Keep pet food secured as you do your own. Bears like pet food as much as your pet does.
  • Avoid filling bird feeders until wintertime.
  • Do not bury or throw garbage into the nearby woods.
  • Make sure to clean your grills and keep them in a building, if possible

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