Greater Spokane League moves all fall sports to the spring

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Greater Spokane League has decided to postpone all fall sports until a later season, it announced Tuesday. 

The WIAA has been hard at work determining its high school sports calendar. It recently released an updated calendar, reassigning sports to seasons based on risk level for contracting COVID-19. 

In doing so, fall sports like football were rescheduled for season 3, set to take place in the spring. Today, they moved golf, cross country, and tennis to the spring as well. This gives them flexibility going forward, and they emphasized the dates are tentative.

4 News Now learned from Ferris High School’s athletic director Stacey Ward that the decision was primarily based on two things:

  1. It’s hard to know whether the current 10-person limit on social gatherings will change by the start of practices (Sept. 7) slowpitch softball requires 10 players on the field at a time *per team.*
  2. It felt unlikely to rely on Spokane county reaching Phase 3 by that time, which is the requirement by the WIAA to start fall sports

Also, if one of these sports were to choose to play in the fall instead of the spring (golf, cross country, and tennis all had the choice between the two seasons), got through more than half their season but ended up getting shut down because of a coronavirus outbreak, they would not be eligible to play in the spring.

Ward made it clear that by moving all fall sports to season 3, the GSL is giving them more of a chance to finish their season, and potentially reach championships.

The alternate sports set to take place in season 1- consisting of cross country, golf and tennis- will all move to season 3, GSL said. LEARN MORE

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