Grant County pizza delivery driver robbed and carjacked

A fake pizza order may have lured a pizza delivery driver to a residential area where he was robbed by three men.

The robbery was called in around 9 p.m. on Friday in the 1200 block of Pershing Road at the Larson Housing area north of Moses Lake. Grant County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived to find a frightened 22-year-old pizza delivery driver who said three men robbed and carjacked him by knife-point.

The driver said he was delivering a pizza when he was confronted by the three men. One of the suspects said he was being robbed. They demanded his money and cell phone. The suspects fled in the victim’s vehicle. The vehicle was recovered a few blocks away just after the robbery.

The victim was not injured during the incident.

The Sheriff’s Office says the fake order may have come from the Pizza Hut iPhone app using a fake address for the neighborhood.

A detailed description of the suspects is unavailable, but the victim says all three suspects were Hispanic, around 5’10. One wore a dark stocking cap. Another may have had a bandana covering part of his face.

The investigation continues, but if you have any information about this crime that could help, call the Grant County Sheriff’s Office at (509) 754-2011 ext. 468 or email: