Grant allows Northern Lakes Fire to staff third station with 12 firefighters

RATHDRUM, Idaho – The Northern Lakes Fire District will hire 12 new firefighters to staff a third station thanks to a new grant. 

The Department of Homeland Security grant, which totals more than $4.5 million, will fund those 12 firefighters for three years. 

The third station will be in the Garwood area and will include two medics, as well as two firefighter EMTs. 

The staffing of the Garwood station will reduce response times and save lives and property. Opening the third station will also reduce insurance premiums for many homeowners, and some who have had their insurance carriers drop them will be able to have their property insured again,” a release from Northern Lakes Fire said. 

The fire district has attempted multiple tax levy overrides to increase service and improve response times throughout the fire district. Those have failed five times since 2012. 

“We listened to the public to make growth pay for itself and be fiscally responsible with their tax dollars,” the district said. 

Since the grant only funds the firefighters for three years, Northern Lakes will begin exploring options to continue staffing the third station beyond those years. 

“With continued growth in Hayden, Rathdrum, Twin Lakes, and Garwood, 108 square mile area, and an increase in emergency response, we strive to be vigilant in improving our response to our citizens to reduce the risk of injuries, loss of properties, and lives,” the release said.