Grab a quirky gift for your loved one for less than $20 at Boo Radley’s

Boo Radleys Exterior

SPOKANE, Wash. — 4 News Now is looking for those little gift ideas that will light up faces for the holidays. Today, that search brought us right across Riverfront Park to iconic gift shop Boo Radley’s.

With only ten days of Christmas shopping left, Boo Radley’s is ready for the holiday rush with those quirky $20-and-under gifts.

“Well, a lot of our t-shirts [are] $20 items, said co-owner Kris Dinnison. “They’re $19.95. Not all of them, but the ones we produce through Giant Gorilla Printing here in town.”

NOTE: Some of the plates, pictures and graphics featured in these images have offensive language.

Certain books and games fall under that price range, too. Plus, in true 2020 fashion—

“We’ve got some pretty fun and different masks, and those are going out the door pretty fast and I think journals have been another big one, a lot of people are taking more time to reflect and think about their lives and their year,” said Kris.

With a frosting of snow this week, you’ll want to get comfortable.

Kris’ husband, Andy Dinnison, is embracing the Swedish concept of “hygge” just a few doors down at Atticus Coffee.

So what is hygge?

“It’s basically how to get your house all cozy during the winter and enjoy the winter months,” Andy explained.

Perhaps a mug of tea or candle can get you there—both fall within the $20 price range.

“You don’t have to worry about a size fitting anyone or issues that way,” said Andy. “And everyone needs something cozy this time of year.”