Governor signs new healthcare executive order

Governor signs new healthcare executive order
Maxbatt / Wikimedia Commons

Governor Butch Otter and Lieutenant Governor Brad Little signed an executive order creating a new healthcare system in Idaho.

The state-regulated plans fall outside the Affordable Care Act requirements, but leaders say they will be a cost-effective option for Idahoans seeking coverage.

The executive order is intended to broaden healthcare options for Idahoans that the Department of Insurance says could cost between 30 and 50 percent less than current plans offered under the Affordable Care Act and Your Health Idaho.

Lieutenant Governor Brad Little, who is seeking the Republican nomination for governor in the May primary, is not required to sign an executive order, but says he did so because he’s been working hand-in-hand with Governor Otter.

The new state-regulated plans would include similar essential healthcare benefits as ACA plans with some exceptions, including a separate rider for families who want to purchase maternity care.

Idaho consumers can stay on their current ACA healthcare plan.