Gov. Inslee suggests it’s unlikely Washington will be ready to reopen by May 4

Governor Jay Inslee suggested Saturday it is unlikely Washington will be able to begin reopening efforts by May 4, according to an update from the Governor’s Office. 

In the update, provided by Spokane Regional Health, Inslee refers to data showing the state’s rate of infection has plateaued, but not lowered. 

According to Inslee, Washington is not ready to stop physical distancing efforts, and projections don’t suggest the state will be ready to reopen by the extended stay-home deadline. 

Inslee said the state must first have access to rapid testing and see a decrease in the rate of infection before moving to individualized diagnosis and isolation.

The update also highlighted Inslee’s collaborations with the construction industry to plan a safe reopening, though he hinted that may not be an option before May 4 unless the curve significantly lowers. 

Mayor Nadine Woodward and several other local leaders recently asked Inslee to reconsider his designation of residential construction as a non-essential service during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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