Gov. Inslee orders statewide deployment of Washington National Guard

Wash. Governor signs ban on flavored vaping
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Tensions flare as WA Gov. Jay Inslee signs executive order calling for emergency ban on all flavored vaping products.

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Governor Inslee has ordered the statewide activation of the National Guard in response to violence and looting in city streets across Washington.

Inslee made the announcement Sunday after several requests from the City of Seattle and a request from Spokane County. Previously, 600 National Guard members were deployed to Seattle to help protect property and control crowds.

The Governor’s Office says the violence in Spokane was the result of a rogue group looting and damaging property downtown.

“We must not let these illegal and dangerous actions detract from the anger so many feel at the deep injustice laid so ugly and bare by the death of George Floyd,” said Gov. Inslee. “But we also will not turn away from our responsibility to protect the residents of our state.”

Maj. Gen. Bret Gaugherty, commander of the state’s National Guard, says he will work with local law enforcement to determine how and where to deploy personnel.