Gov. Inslee enacts emergency order for European Green Crab infestation

A European Green Crab. Credit: Emily Grason, Washington Sea Grant.
A European green crab. Credit: Emily Grason, Washington Sea Grant/NOAA

SPOKANE, Wash. — The European green crab is a threatening species, and its population is growing at an alarming rate in the Northwest.

Governor Jay Inslee issued an emergency order addressing the invasive green crab population within the Lummi Nation’s Sea Pond and outer coast areas.

Inslee says if they become permanently established, they will harm endangered species, affect small businesses, and impact resources for the tribes and native peoples of Washington.

Inslee ordered Washington’s Department of Fish and Wildlife to help with the eradication of the crabs. He also directed the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources to help identify the crab populations and take appropriate emergency measures.

Inslee also urged the Legislature to provide additional emergency funding in helping rid the green crab population.

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