Gov. Inslee announces $135 million in economic assistance for businesses, renters impacted by recent closures

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Governor Inslee has announced $135 million in economic assistance for those hit hardest by the state’s latest COVID-19 closures.

The relief package will go toward businesses and families impacted by governor’s latest restrictions. “This will include $70 million in grants for businesses to help them out,” said Inslee.

An additional $30 million in loans to help businesses.

The new package includes an additional $20 million for rental assistance to help cover families put in debt by the pandemic, as well as rental companies struggling to cover payments during the eviction moratorium. Another $15 million will go to help people pay their utilities.


Inslee previously announced a $50 million relief package, but said he and state lawmakers decided more funds were needed.

“This is a significant relief effort,” said Inslee. “We can’t say it’s going to help every single business in the state of Washington, but we can say we’re not done with this, and we’re happy we made real progress today.”