Gov. Brad Little responds to lawsuit over Idaho’s abortion restrictions

BOISE, ID. — Governor Brad Little released a statement on Tuesday after President Joe Biden’s U.S. Justice Department said they were filing a lawsuit over Idaho’s abortion restrictions.

“Our nation’s highest court returned the issue of abortion to the states to regulate – end of story,” Gov. Little said. “The U.S. Justice Department’s interference with Idaho’s pro-life law is another example of Biden overreaching yet again while he continues to ignore issues that really should demand his attention – like crushing inflation and the open border with Mexico. Here in Idaho, we are proud that we have led the country in protecting preborn lives. I will continue to work with Attorney General Lawrence Wasden to vigorously uphold state sovereignty and defend Idaho’s laws in the face of federal meddling.”

According to the Department of Justice, Idaho’s near total-abortion plan, which would go into effect later in August, would make it virtually impossible for patients to would need an abortion in emergency situations.

The trigger law passed in 2020 makes providing abortions a felony, with punishments of up to five years in prison. The ban would have exceptions to cases of rape or incest if they are reported by law enforcement or to help prevent the death of a pregnant person.

According to the lawsuit, the Justice Department is filing their lawsuit under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act, which says that hospitals getting money for Medicare, “must provide medical treatment necessary to stabilize that condition before transferring or discharging the patient.”

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