Good news for bald eagle shot in Moses Lake

Good news for bald eagle shot in Moses Lake
Courtesy: Blue Mountain Wildlife

It looks like the bald eagle shot in Moses Lake, and struggling with lead poisoning, is winning the fight for its life.

The bird was brought in a little more than a week ago to Blue Mountain Wildlife in Oregon. It had been shot, but more seriously, it was suffering from lead poisoning.

After being stabilized at Pioneer Veterinary Clinic in Moses lake it was sent to Blue Mountain Wildlife for rehabilitation.

The bird completed one course of chelation, a treatment that removes lead from the bird’s body, the bald eagle’s lead level has dropped from 92.4 micrograms per deciliter to 21.8 mcg/dl. He is now able to stand for short periods of time.

He eagerly eats two meals per day and the rehab clinic is slowly increasing the quantity of food so as not to overwhelm his lead-compromised gut.

Volunteers at the clinic say the bird can see, but determining exactly what he is seeing is challenging.

His eye-beak coordination is not normal, but he will undergo at least one more course of chelation as part of his rehab.

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