Gonzaga’s beloved Maddie the Bulldog to leave legacy

Gonzaga’s beloved Maddie the Bulldog to leave legacy

For the past seven years, Maddie the Bulldog has been the unofficial face of the Gonzaga Bulldogs, appearing on advertising campaigns, hanging out on campus, and most importantly, putting smiles on the faces of Zag fans.

But this week, Maddie’s owner announced on Facebook that Maddie has been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a bone cancer that’s often found in large dogs.

Maddie’s owner is trying to turn the heartbreaking diagnosis into a beautiful tribute.

Maddie has been a Gonzaga celebrity ever since her owner Joann Waite began taking her into work everyday.

Now, as she prepares to say goodbye to Maddie, Joann has come up with a touching way to honor her life.

“We’re going to put together a book about her life, and the impact she’s had,” Waite said.

So she’s reaching out to the Gonzaga community to share their memories of Maddie.

Over 1,000 people shared photos or videos of their time with the beloved bulldog.

“Maddie would definitely say…be forever a Zag,” said Waite.

Joann said that all proceeds from the book created will go to Osteosarcoma research, as well as developing carts for larger dogs like Maddie, who may need to have limbs amputated.