Gonzaga unveils gender inclusive restrooms around campus

Gonzaga unveils gender inclusive restrooms around campus
The Gonzaga Bulletin

When one enters the Hemmingson Center or the new lobby of the Charlotte Y. Martin Centre on Gonzaga’s campus, they might notice something different about the single occupancy restrooms.

These bathrooms are now labeled with brand new gender inclusive signs. This initiative has been in the works for the past year due to GSBA, headed by freshman Sen. Marlin Jones. This change was also in coordination with Gonzaga University Event Service Team (GUEST) and Gonzaga Plant Services.

Talk between GSBA, administration, Plant Services and GUEST began at the beginning of the school year, and was finally put into place over the past few weeks.

The GSBA Senate, with the push from Jones, encouraged a resolution saying that GU should adopt these policies and can start by having the Hemmingson Center change its restroom signs to be more inclusive.

“Something cool about when we were starting this project was that the Hemmingson Center was already in the talks of developing that prior to even starting these conversations,” GSBA President Carlo Juntilla said.

Director of the Hemmingson Center and auxiliary services at GU, Chuck Faulkinberry, was very excited about making sure this initiative occurred.

“A part of our mission as GUEST is to be more welcoming to all students and guests that enter the building,” Faulkinberry said.

Jones promoted inclusion throughout his term as a senator, particularly among the theme of gender inclusion. This is where the idea for the all gender restrooms got started within the Senate.

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