Gonzaga student preserves World War II stories

While some students are consumed with tests, classes or online distractions — one local student chooses to spend his free time preserving history.

21-year-old Gonzaga student Scott Davis has been collecting oral histories of who he says are his heroes. He’s interviewing the last remaining veterans who served in World War II and the Korean War.

It’s not uncommon to see a young millennial starting their own podcast, but this podcast does more than just explore the topics of today.

“I always loved history and it made sense with what I was doing in my free time with this project,” said Davis.

Scott Davis’ project, “Faces of Valor,” started back in 2015 when he was just 17-years-old.

“I thought to myself, if I don’t interview one now, I’ll never have the opportunity to meet one of these guys,” Davis said.

He then called the local VFW and asked if he could interview a World War II paratrooper.

Although his first interview may have been a little rough, that didn’t stop him from interviewing 119 other World War II veterans to date.

“I was talking to one of my heroes, somebody that I had read about in books. I was nervous and it didn’t go super well,” said Davis.

Veterans just like 96-year-old Richard Hagmann, who worked as an aircraft engineer for the Civil Air Patrol during World War II before joining the Air Force.

“I wanted to do something different. I had a friend and told him about the Civil Air Patrol and he gave me an idea of what it was about,” said Hagmann.

Stories that Davis will continue to document, that may have otherwise been forgotten.

More information about Faces of Valor can be found here.