Gonzaga seniors celebrate the end of their college careers, despite COVID-19

SPOKANE, Wash. — Students at Gonzaga University could have never predicted the school year would end like this. 

Bars closed, graduation put on hold, and record high unemployment numbers. It’s an uncertain time to enter the real world, however students are making the most of their final days together. 

“I’ve been friends with these guys since Freshman year, and we all lived together Senior year and that’s been quite an experience,” said Henry Widdicombe. 

He and his roommates can’t celebrate at the bars Friday night. 

“It would be great to go to Jack and Dan’s, but unfortunately that’s not that case so we’re kind of trying to made due with our celebrations,” said Widdicombe. 

They also won’t be putting on their caps and gowns anytime soon. 

“We’re going to make the most of it and hopefully we’re going to see everyone in September,” said Widdicombe. 

It’s a scary and uncertain time for graduates heading into the workforce. 

Millions of Americans have lost jobs, the country’s unemployment rate is now 14%, the highest it’s been in recorded history. 

Instead of stressing what comes next, these students are celebrating what they’ve accomplished, and the the memories they made at GU along the way. 

In a few days, friends and roommates will say goodbye, hoping to see each other again September for the commencement ceremony.

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