Gonzaga repurposes hydroponic greenhouse to provide fresh produce for neighbors in need

SPOKANE, Wash. — Gonzaga University is repurposing its hydroponic greenhouse to serve people in need.

Sodexo and GU’s Campus Kitchen program are growing lettuce in the greenhouse and harvesting it each week.

They’re growing different types of loose leaf lettuce that would normally be used in the dining hall. Now, it’s being given away to people who live in the Logan Elementary School and Rogers High School areas.

For Earth Week, 600 tomato plants were supposed to be given away to GU students. But now, the greenhouse-grown plants will be distributed to students at Logan Elementary.

“Getting to donate the food out to the community where I grew up in is such an honor and it’s really great to get to give back to those people,” said Victoria Taskey, Marketing Manager for Zag Dining and Rogers alum.

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