Gonzaga ready for Sweet Sixteen in Los Angeles

Gonzaga ready for Sweet Sixteen in Los Angeles

Keith Osso and Alyssa Charlston are live in downtown Los Angeles.

Corey Kispert: “Looking forward to the sunshine first of all, get out of Spokane, you know get a little sunshine and you know, playing some really good basketball. Some good basketball against some really good teams, looking forward to being on the big stage.”

Looking forward to getting L.A. coming off two straight emotional wins, this team wants to just get back on the floor..not wait a week for their matchup with Florida state

Josh Perkins: I mean if it was up to me, I would just get the tournament done 5 games in six days, I mean a break would feel good I know guys need it.

Zach Norvell Jr: I’m super with that I mean when you’re a competitor, when you just want to play you know and you love basketball, you can play another game tomorrow, you could play another game tonight, you know if you want to win you’re going to do anything you can to win.

Silas Melson: It’s the sweet 16, so you know scouting reports are going to be very important, you know going over our offense, tightening up our defensive stuff is going to be important.keith: it never hurts to be on the west coast…Gonzaga fans have made a difference for this team over the last 20 years with their support on the road, and they expect nothing different this week.

Corey Kispert: Zags travel well, we’ll play in la with a lot of zag fans there, we’ve been there for our road trip to lmu and Pepperdine, and it’s a much bigger stage there, and we’ll have a lot of fans there and we’re excited for it.mark few: it’ll be great to be able to get down to la, get more zag fans down there and you know, try to make another run.”