Gonzaga Prep details back-to-school plans

SPOKANE, Wash. — Gonzaga Preparatory School has released tentative back-to-school plans for the fall.  

According to the school’s Back to Campus Plan, the goal is to have students in the classroom twice a week, accompanied by digital instruction in between. 

Students will be split into two groups alphabetically. Students whose last name starts with letters A-L will make up group ‘Aloysius.’ Group ‘Gonzaga’ will consist of students whose last names start with letters M-Z. 

According to Gonzaga Prep, the alphabetical system will ensure students from the same household stay together, while also more evenly dividing classrooms. 

Each group will spend two days a week in the classroom. The other three days, students will spend engaged in digital learning, with Friday’s being designated as ‘Cura Personalis’ days, during which students can come to campus for activities. 

Students will automatically be enrolled Schoolology classes for digital learning, and have access to Google Suite.  

According to Gonzaga Prep, the hybrid option will allow students who don’t feel comfortable returning to the classroom to completely work from home. 

Lunch will be served during one period, in several locations across campus. 

To view the full plan, CLICK HERE.

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