‘Gonzaga mascot’ interrupts Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue

‘Gonzaga mascot’ interrupts Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue
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Jimmy Kimmel will just not let it go.

The late-night talk show host is going to great lengths to prove that Gonzaga does not exist. On Tuesday, Kimmel was interrupted by a fake Spike during his monologue.

“Spike” told Kimmel he is the only one speaking truth about the so-called non-existent university. Spike said he is being held hostage in order to keep the bit up.

The fake mascot told Kimmel that he was sewed into the mascot costume 20 years ago after questioning Gonzaga’s existence and outed the basketball team as lizard people controlled by illumaniti.

Kimmel is going far to prove that GU does not exist. It looks like the Zags will just have to prove him wrong.

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