Gonzaga Law School opens immigration clinic with Catholic Charities

Gonzaga Law School opens immigration clinic with Catholic Charities
Catholic Charities Eastern Washington

Gonzaga Law School and Catholic Charities have joined to open an immigration clinic, helping low-income people in need of immigration assistance, and training students of immigration law.

They announced the collaboration on Monday, Indigenous Peoples Day.

According to Catholic Charities Eastern Washington, the clinic is designed to address the “significant unmet legal needs of immigrants and their families” in Spokane.

“This partnership gives the law school community a unique opportunity to practice the Jesuit ideals of collaboration, educating agents of change, and serving the poor and marginalized in our community,” said Jacob Rooksby, Dean of Gonzaga Law School. “The Clinic collaboration speaks directly to the Jesuit leadership’s recent call to expand advocacy on behalf of migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers.”

The service will be held in Gonzaga’s public-serving law clinic, University Legal Assistance (ULA).

ULA provides public legal service, while training second- and third-year law students under the supervision of an attorney. Typically, these students provide pro bono representation for clients in areas of family reunification, humanitarian-based visas and naturalization assistance.

“I’m thrilled to join Gonzaga in finding creative, new ways to serve our immigrant neighbors,” said Rob McCann, president and CEO of Catholic Charities. “This is a unique collaboration between a Catholic Charities organization and a Catholic university in the area of immigration legal services in the United States.”

Speaking on the collaboration, Catholic Charities says they hope to remind people that America is a nation of immigrants, “continually strengthened by those who come from other parts of the world to join us.”