Gonzaga announces intent to reopen campus for Fall 2020

Gonzaga University Campus

SPOKANE, Wash. — Gonzaga University has announced its intention to return to in-person classes in Fall 2020.

In a letter to students and staff on Monday, President Thayne McCulloh announced that, after careful consideration and consultation, the university plans to return all operations back to campus in preparation for reopening in the fall.

“Despite the many challenges this situation has created, I am proud of our students for their flexibility and fortitude, and I am proud of our faculty, staff and senior leadership for the ways in which they have worked diligently and tirelessly to continue our mission in the context of national and international crisis,” wrote President McCulloh.

Additionally, McCulloh also announced the appointment of a Pandemic Response Task Force, which will work with class schedules, fitness center/dining area/campus housing operations, PPE, and other regulations to determine the best practices for maintaining safety on campus.