Goats returning to Spokane parks soon to aid in fire prevention

Come see the grazing goats reducing the fire risk in Spokane's parks
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Come see the grazing goats reducing the fire risk in Spokane's parks

SPOKANE, Wash. – The Cloverdale Ranch goats are coming back to Spokane to help reduce the risk of fire in Spokane’s parks.

About 200 of the Healing Hooves goats from Cloverdale Ranch will be on the job to help reduce brush and tree sapling density. They will first be deployed at Meadowglen Park on May 11 to manage weeds, decrease standing vegetation, and kill pine seedlings to prevent dense stands of pine trees.

The goats will move to Minnehaha on May 12 and High Drive Park, specifically the Elliot and Ashland Conservation Areas, May 17 – 24. All dates are not fully confirmed and are subject to change.

The goats are contained through a portable electric fence, and will also be accompanied by a trained guard dog to protect them from predators. The public is welcome to visit the goats, but are cautioned to mind the electric fence and not to feed the goats. The guard dog is also not very friendly towards other dogs and will likely growl or bark at any that come close.

One of the Healing Hooves owners, Craig and Sue Lani, will be with the goats to make sure they stay within the fence, have water and are moved as they finish treating each area. They welcome the public come out to see the herd and ask questions about the project or the goats.

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