Glenda the Eagle back in the hospital

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Glenda the Eagle

Glenda the Eagle is back at the Mt. Spokane Veterinary Hospital after being found near Long Lake on July 31.

Dr. Jocelyn Woodd with the vet hospital said when Glenda was found she couldn’t fly but was healthy and had a full crop of fish. Glenda is holding one of her wings down but the vet says nothing is broken or out of place.

Speculation is that there might be some arthritis in the joint or some tendon inflammation.

You may remember her as Glen the Eagle, which she was known as for some time until vets determined Glen was actually female.

Glenda was first picked up off Nine Mile Road back in June 2012, sick and nursing a broken wing. Veterinarians only gave her a 20-percent chance of ever returning to the wild.

She was transferred from Mt. Spokane to the WSU raptor program in July 2012, where doctors were able to fix Glenda’s wing and, with some TLC, the WSU staff released the female bald eagle back into the wild in November.

Unfortunately now Glenda is back where she started.

Dr. Woodd is now feeding the bald eagle and observing her for a few days to see if anything develops. Woodd sayid Glenda looks perfectly healthy and it seems the bird of prey has been doing well over the past eight months in the wild.

So how did the veterinarians at Mt. Spokane know they were dealing with a repeat patient? During her last visit to WSU Glenda was banded, and that band helped vets identify her this time.

Vets believe Glenda may have a mate in the wild, and, as eagles mate for life, vets are hoping Glenda can beat the odds a second time and return to the wild once more.