Glen the Eagle surviving, but may never fly again

Glen the Eagle surviving, but may never fly again

When Glen the Eagle was found injured on Nine Mile Falls Road in June, the bird had a 30-percent chance of survival. So far the eagle has beaten the odds but may never fly again.

Glen — who may actually be Glenda (Vets aren’t quite sure about the eagle’s gender) — is at Washington State University’s Veterinary Hospital raptor program. While the eagle has survived so far, she does have a broken elbow and may never fly again.

Veterinarians believe Glen is about four years old and somewhat on the larger size as eagles go, weighing in about 10 pounds.

The staff at the vet hospital have been working hard to find a permanent home for Glen since they are just to crowded to provided long term care for the eagle.

“If we get to the point, she will be euthanized, but we are doing everything we can to keep that from happening. But like I said, it’s hard to get permits for a bald eagle so there aren’t that many people who have them,” Dr. Nickol Finch said.

Glen’s elbow will heal, however because of the location of the break she will have arthritis in her joint which will keep her from flying. That means she can never go back to the wild.