Gift ideas for the handy dad

Gift ideas for the handy dad

For the do-it-yourself dad, Father’s Day provides the perfect opportunity to stock the garage with a few new toys for his disposal. Chances are, he has all the stuff he needs to fix the sink or install a screen door, so start listening for any mention of a missing device or a piece of hardware in need of replacement.

If his toolbox is in order, you might want to splurge for something that will take up a little more space. Obviously, you can’t transform the back yard into a construction site, but here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

Lawn care

As much work as the flowers and the cracks in the sidewalks may need, opening up a pair of pruning sheers or a weed remover most likely won’t solicit the excited reaction you’re looking for. A new lawnmower is always a popular idea, but if he ready has one of those, try looking into some supplemental lawn care equipment. A weed-whacker can get those tough-to-reach patches around ledges and curbs. Another option is a power blower to ensure that those grass clippings (and whatever else the mower might chew up) never litter your sidewalk.

Yard work

Aside from lawn-care products, a pressure washer can serve as a useful cleaning tool for those pesky stains on the house or the fence. Also, power paint rollers make anything from a touchup to a complete makeover a relatively painless task.

For the green thumb, you might want to consider either a tiller or a cultivator to prepare the garden for another successful summer. If you don’t have a garden, you could buy a bird feeder for him to install; it’ll add some life and color to your back yard. But make sure that birds are the only things that can get to the food: You don’t want any unwanted creatures roaming around.

Around the house

To help him fix the incessant slew of odds and ends that break down over time, think about a multipurpose pocket tool. From tightening a bolt to smoothing a rough edge, these are handy for whatever small task that might come up. On a larger scale, a set of power tools is an option. He probably has a skill saw here and a power drill there, but you can find sets that contain a variety of power tools to help him do a better job more easily at any major home improvement store. He’ll have that new deck up in no time.

On the other hand, if he’s simply looking to get into the handyman mode, a set of wrenches or chisels will definitely put him on the right track. Remember, you don’t have to break the bank finding a gift, but with any luck, whatever you buy should inspire him in his around-the-house projects.