Giant hornets nest removed from car

Giant hornets nest removed from car

A car owner had a major issue on his hands when he found hundreds of hornets inside an old car.

Richard Sabina said that two weeks ago, there was nothing inside the 1986 El Camino.

Then he started seeing hornets as big as his thumb.

“I was smart enough; I was not gonna go very close to it. At 85 years old, I quit doing that kind of crazy stuff. I stay away.”

Sabina called Travis Watson – the “Bee Man” – who figured out the nest belonged to European hornets. They were getting into the car through a crack in the passenger-side window.

“I walked over and saw the nest and I was like, ‘I’d better record this one’,” Watson said.

The nest was hanging inside the car, along with a thousand hornets.

Watson suited up and used a combination of pesticides to exterminate the nest.

The European hornet has only been in the area for five years.

“It’s not concerning; they are pretty docile when they are away from their nest. The thing that’s really concerning about them is that they aggressively defend the nest. So as long as you keep a good eye out, especially mid-July and later, that’s when they are really at full strength.”

Watson saved a portion of the nest for a person in Pennsylvania and a Michigan woman who wanted a specimen.