Ghosts still linger at Spokane’s haunted landmarks

Ghosts still linger at Spokane’s haunted landmarks

Some of they city’s scariest places are gorgeous during the day, but at night, everything changes.

A lovely setting for a picnic, but there’s a chilling tale of how Minnehaha park got it’s name. Many claim the park is haunted by ghosts of children who lived in an orphanage on the property.

Late at night you can still hear the tiny laughs as they play in the grass, earning the park the name, Minnehaha.

The Patsy Clark Mansion was built in the 1800’s and is one of the most well known haunts in Spokane.

Patsy Clark lived in the house with his wife and three kids. The wealthy man loved to throw extravagant parties. It’s said you can occasionally hear the music from the celebrations to this day.

Today it’s a law firm, but not all of the Clarks have moved out.

“Mary Clark is the one who reportedly haunts the mansion, there has been a number of sitings over the years of a woman figure wearing period attire that circulates around,” said Jon Neill an Attorney at the firm.

The wine cellar in the basement is where most of the sitings have been reported. When the mansion was a restaurant, many employees spoke of strange things. One waitress says she saw a croissant levitate from one plate to another.

The Davenport hotel is a Spokane icon, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find a dark history.

In 1920, Ellen Macnamara fell through the Tiffany skylight, landing on the marble floor. The tourist died a few hours later in her room. Ellen still roams the halls to this day.

But she is not alone.

Louis Davenport, the Hotel’s namesake, died on the 11th floor, guests staying in room 1105 have reported items mysteriously moving.

Perhaps it’s Lois continuing to tidy up his hotel he loved so much.