Getting your teen ready for the road

Spokane, Wash. — Getting behind the wheel for the first time can be an exciting time in a teenager’s life.

But it could also mean the end of it if they get into a fatal car accident.

AJ Seitz, owner and operator of 911 Driving School of Spokane, says the number one cause of car accidents, including fatal car accidents, is inexperience.

“Experience is huge. The more experience they can get, the more practice they get driving, the better of a driver they’re going to be,” said Seitz.

In the age of technology, distracted driving is another big cause.

“You look at a phone, when you do that, that’s about three seconds. And if you take the speed of a car, and multiply it by one and a half, that’s how many feet per second that you’re driving,” said Seitz. “You pick up a phone for three seconds, you just traveled 135 ft. down the road without seeing anything that’s going on.”

During prom season, spring break and summer vacation, he said alcohol-related incidents can also be a problem.

So what can parents do to help prepare their teenagers for the road?

Seitz said to practice with them as experience really is the best teacher.

“Getting as much practice as you can during those fundamental times. Those months where they first get their permit. Let them drive, everywhere. I cannot stress that enough. They just need as much experience as possible.”