Getting scared for a good cause at the King Family Haunted House in Mead

For nearly a decade, a family in Mead has been the host for neighborhood scares and fun.

It’s all at their own home. They don’t take any profit, it’s just for some family bonding and raising money for a great charity.

Now, it’s grown. People are traveling from all over the region to see the spooky cemetery in their front yard and the scares inside their homemade haunted house. They’ve attracted thousands of people over the years. This year, they’ve had to turn some people away because of how long the line was getting.

The best part about this specific haunted house is you’re getting scared for a good cause. The King Family Haunted House in Mead is free of any admission charges. All they ask is you make a donation to Make-a-Wish.

Last year, they raised more than $5,000. This year, they’re on track to beat that.

This is the ninth year that the King family has put on their big haunted house. But it doesn’t happen overnight. They started building in August and some ideas for the house came up as early as last year.

“We’re just in a garage across the street from an elementary school. All of this just helps transport people to what they think is a haunted house,” said Kevin King, creator of King Family Haunted House.

A haunted house that’s become not only a family effort.

“It’s long weekends. Everybody out here painting, and putting walls together, and things like that,” King said.

It’s now a family tradition.

“When myself and my brothers were kids, and my sister, we did haunted houses. We had fond memories of that. When our kids got older, and they weren’t trick or treating anymore. We said, let’s do a haunted house. We just started doing it and it’s grown and grown each year,” King said.

The fog, the creepy cemetery. Everything you’d only see in a nightmare or perhaps a scary movie.

Can you guess this year’s theme?

“It is a certain movie that had a sequel this year. Some people are afraid of clowns. If you’re afraid of clowns, you’re going to be scared here, too,” King said.

There are a few spots where you may fall victim to a jump scare. Don’t worry, most people giggle it off each time. Which is exactly what the king family wants for every person that comes through.

“We love Halloween. We love scaring people, we love to hear people scream and then laugh. And we just love doing this,” King said.

If you want to come out to the King Family Haunted House, you have until Wednesday. That is their last day.

There is a secret to coming here. They have to cap it at a certain amount of people every single night, so you want to get here early. They can only take through about 300 people each night. The house is open from 7 to 9 p.m. Some people have lined up as early as 5:30 p.m. to go into the haunted house.

If you just want to donate, you don’t have to get scared. You can come out to their house and make a donation. Or you can even donate directly on the Make-a-Wish website.

The haunted house is located at 15604 N. Freya Street in Mead. They rate the house PG-13 in terms of how scary it is, so keep that in mind if you’re bringing children.