Get ready for the hottest day of the season (so far) -Nikki

Here is your local weather forecast for July 21, 2020.
Day Planner July 21

SPOKANE, Wash. — Good morning! It is Tuesday, July 21. Get ready for the hottest day of the season (so far). Temperatures are heating and we are expecting nothing but sunshine.

Tuesday’s high temperatures will sit in the 90s towards the Spokane area. Though, there are several cities who will see triple digit heat today. Omak, Moses Lake, and Lewiston will see temperatures in the low 100s.

Todays Highs July 21

Tomorrow, for your Wednesday, it’ll be slightly cooler. Still hot, but not as hot as today. Temperatures will be in the low 90s in Spokane, rather than mid 90s. No triple digits are expected in the region, though, some cities may get close.

Tomorrows Highs July 21

Your Tuesday consists of blue skies, sunshine, some breeze at 5-15 mph from the south. Temperatures will be hot from the get-go. By the time most of us break into our lunchboxes, temperatures will be in the low 90s.

Day Planner July 21

We’ll see a cool down into Thursday, when we are expecting temperatures in the afternoon to be in the low to mid 80s. Today is the hottest day of the week, it’ll keep cooling from here.

4 Day Forecast July 21

With heat, comes responsibility. Please make smart choices today!


  • Stay hydrated
  • Be generous with sunscreen (SPF 30 or above)
  • Wear light, loose layers
  • Check on elderly neighbors
  • Make fire safe choices
  • Bring in outdoors pets inside this afternoon to enjoy some A/C
  • Make sure pets have plenty of water