Georgia the moose hangs out in Kellogg

Georgia the moose hangs out in Kellogg

It’s not uncommon to see wildlife in North Idaho, and for the past couple of weeks Georgia the moose has been settling in around one cozy little town.

“It’s just part of life and love it. Get up in the morning, have a coffee with a moose and enjoy the day,” said Sarah Still who owns the Bean coffee shop in Kellogg.

“Georgia showed up in town a couple weeks ago and lots of calls from residents,” said Kellogg police Chief David Wuolle.

So why Georgia? Well, no one is quite sure.

“We just kind of love them, take care of them and someone ends up naming them,” said Still.

“I Don’t know where the name comes from, I don’t know if one of my guys name it or my sergeant named it,” said Wuolle.

Still saw Georgia from the porch of her coffee shop on Tuesday.

“He was out here for about 4 hours enjoying it,” she said.

Still snapped a couple of pictures before too many people scared the young moose away.

“People in town know to leave them alone.” said Still, ” But it’s still fun to take pictures.”

But even so, Kellogg Police are reminding people to keep their distance for their safety and the well being of Georgia.

“Fish and game contacted us yesterday and said if it becomes a big issue, they’d come and move her,” said Wuolle, “They don’t like to do that because they have to tranquilize them.”

Whether they name they wildlife visitors or not, people in Kellogg know that sharing their town with furry friends is just part of living in north Idaho.