Genetic tests increasingly used to prevent inherited diseases, provide medical planning for dogs

Genetic tests increasingly used to prevent inherited diseases, provide medical planning for dogs

Paw Print Genetics currently occupies almost the entire second floor of a North Spokane office building, but its growing and growing fast. The company is making waves as genetic testing is increasingly being used to discover what conditions a dog might be genetically coded for.

“This is the next level up for us,” said the company’s Associate Medical Director and WSU trained veterinarian, Dr. Casey Carl, “to be able to prevent diseases before they even exist in puppies at all.”

He says that a few cheeks swabs from your dog is all they need in order to screen for around 150 possible problems.

“We can look for anything from clotting disorders, which can be a problem if a dog goes into surgery, all the way up from skin diseases and liver diseases,” he said.

The company works with dog breeders, to prevent the diseases before breeding occurs, as well as veterinarians looking for help with a diagnosis in a patient, in addition to just private pet owners who want to know what to expect from their beloved pooch.

“It can allow people to plan for the future, to make good decision on what to do,” said Carl, “it can also save them a lot of money, when it comes to things like late onsets, because it can cost thousands of dollars to get a diagnosis.”

Knowing which potential condition disease it might be and knowing the symptoms can cut down on vet bills and their tests will run you around a hundred dollars.

The company has clients around the world, and in their six years have done genetic testing for around 100,000 dogs.

They are preparing to roll out similar testing for felines in addition to a gender test for birds that may not be easily sexed by their plumage or size.

For more information click here to go to their website.

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