General Store sees increase in foot traffic as last-minute shoppers buy snow supplies

Last-minute snow supply shopping

SPOKANE, Wash. – Not everyone had the chance to prepare for this winter storm, many waited until the last minute to get the basics.

Walking into the store, some had to get that fresh snow off their shoes. There were lines at multiple registers and other people trying to figure out what shovel they wanted to buy.

For Don and Robin Speddin, they had other things going on where they couldn’t get some snow storm supplies.

“This is actually a replacement shovel that needs to be replaced. There’s nothing like seeing the snow storm out there that, that prompts us to go in now to get it,” Don said.

For Rupert Salmon, he was prepared, but decided to play it safe.

“I had to go pick up a piece of equipment so I thought, well since I’m here let me just pick up a couple of extra things. Got the ‘Honey- do list, get this and get this while you’re out’ so, kind of just worked out,” said Salmon.

The General Store employees said it was definitely busier on Friday, when the storm hit, than Thursday. The store estimates it will sell more than 100 shovels on Friday, in addition to all the ice melt, scrapers and sandbags.