Gas thief targets Spokane Valley fire station

When someone calls for help — first responders drop everything and race to the emergency. A thief in Spokane Valley took advantage of a medical call early Wednesday morning and siphoned gas from the personal vehicle of at least one crew member at the Evergreen Fire Station at 12th Avenue and S Evergreen Road.

“We took off on a couple medical calls last night, when we came home we noticed some snow tracks running across the ramp,” said Captain George Hedebeck. “We came out and took a look and first think I looked for was my car was locked, all my windows were intact.”

Then, Hedebeck noticed a red rubber hose hanging out of his fuel door. The gas siphoning thief took off in a hurry. Hedebeck only lost a few gallons worth of gas — he’s glad there wasn’t any other damage.

“If he would have drilled through the tank, that would have been an incredible problem.”

Gas thief targets Spokane Valley fire station

Hedebeck said the same type of theft is happening to other firefighters around Spokane county.

“District 8 reported to me an hour ago that they’ve had it happen multiple times down south at their fire station. It happens a lot in Spokane county, there’s vehicle prowlings every day. We’re just a business in a neighborhood. We don’t like it, we don’t want it to happen,” Hedebeck said.

He called crime check and posted photos of the theft on a firefighter union Facebook page, warning other homes in the area of what happened. Hedebeck and other firefighters are now asking neighboring homes to help keep an eye on the station.

“If you see something, say something. Watch our back while we’re out protecting and watching yours.”

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