Gas thief caught in the act

Gas thief caught in the act

A man in northeast Spokane was surprised to find a stranger in his backyard with a gas can, eyeing his brand new Jeep and the fuel inside.

“We obviously knew what he was trying to do,” said Andrew Saccoman, who first saw the thief on his security cameras.

Gas is now less than $3 per gallon but for some thieves, it’s worth stealing. Some use a siphon, others cause more damage.

In September, a fuel thief in north Spokane drilled into a gas tank in broad daylight – stealing a few gallons of gas and leaving behind an expensive repair.

While it’s difficult to protect fuel tanks, it’s easy to guard your vehicle’s gas cap by replacing it with one that locks.

Locking fuel caps can be purchased at any auto parts store and typically cost between $10-$15.

Parking your car in a well-lit area with the gas door facing the street adds more visibility and can deter thieves.