Gas prices in Inland Northwest fall as traders fear recession, customers still feel the pinch

SPOKANE, Wash.– The fear of a possible recession is helping lower prices at local gas pumps. For the first time in weeks, crude oil prices have dropped below $100 a barrel.

This means that gas companies won’t have to pay as much for raw materials which helps cool off gas prices.

As of Tuesday, the average gas price in Spokane County is around $5.15 a gallon, and $4.97 in Kootenai County.

Customers like Robert Melmoth are happy to see that drop but are still feeling the pinch.

“Yeah, between rent and food going up, gas, it’s hard to live,” said Robert Melmoth.

Melmoth drives to work every day, and he says paying for higher gas prices causes a headache.

“Five bucks a gallon, it’s like $130 to fill up my truck, and the full tank of gas only lasts me two weeks. I can’t afford to pay that every other week,” Melmoth said. “My mother works from home and I’ve been driving her car…paying for her gas.”

However, some customers are happy to hear the news.

“Oh good, it needs to go down faster a lot more,” said Sushil Vasudeva, a gas station customer.

Although higher gas prices are not keeping Vasudeva from taking a road trip, lower gas prices mean more road trips with his family.

“Hopefully by next summer prices are back down to what we’ve expected and used to, which makes it easier to do more road trips,” Vasudeva said.